Welcome to Lunch Generator!

This page has nearly everything: Rounded corners, gradients, XHTML and CSS, a color scheme to make your eyes vomit, a trendy 'badge', whitespace galore and a big-ass dorky font. I poped in some Flash an the possibility to make user generated content and now I watch how squillions of dollars roll in ;).


This text will be replaced by the flash music player.

This is a joke, right?

Yes and No. I liked the idea of making a Web 2.0 application that does hightlight some of the more cliched design elements associated with 'Web 2.0'. But I also wanted todo something new. So here it is the -LunchGenerator-

What Now?

Well I think you already heard whats the page about. When not just reload.

You can record your own favourite meals by clicking on the link in the menue. The recorder(Java applet) will start.

You can also add "starter" sentences "Today I will eat..."

Who made LunchGenerator?

I did. I am James Shagall, an Optometrist from Salzburg Austria. You can contact me at james.james(AT)mailcity.com.

To do?

Translate the help/decription to English.
Add finally some Ajax (I want it badly Web 2.0 ;)
Enhance the recording process(tagging,users...)